Programmatic, Digital, Drones, AR, VR, Ai, Blockchain, Pepper the Robot, Influencers, Big Data and all the rest of the “trends” we see lately are not ideas.

They are methods, resources, inputs and channels that form part of a larger strategy to reach audiences in a meaningful way.

They do not solve for shitty products, bad messaging, poor timing or shallow creative.

If used, they should be part of an integrated approach that includes some insights-driven marketing and communications.

When everyone has the same tools, the work will look the same.

Value creativity and value the insight that drives it.

Published by marcashwell

In a complicated relationship with marketing. Ex agency leadership (TBWA\Hunt Lascaris, Mindshare, Aqua/Wunderman) now a B2B marketer at RMB, a corporate and investment bank. Opinions are my own.

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