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Google DMTDigitally Transforming the Customer JourneyAdvertising_Code_of_Practice,_Social_Media,_8_Oct,_Guidelines.pdfThe Dividends of Digital Marketing MaturityThe new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising – The CorrespondentDataReportal – Global Digital InsightsTypes of Display Advertsing | Jellyfish SAProgrammatic-Infographic_R5.png (3610×5097)Basic formulas in Online advertising | Know Online AdvertisingIAB Programmatic Fee Transparency CalculatorHelp Your Team Measure Customer Experience Data More AccuratelyWhy share of search is a vital marketing metric | ContagiousWhy share of search is a vital marketing metric | ContagiousUnderstanding the ‘art and science’ of share of search‘Funnel juggling’ is the answer to marketing effectiveness – Marketing WeekThe most important metric you’ve never heard of – theeqplannerOKR: Learn Google’s Goal System with Examples and…Improve your video planning with data and measurement – Think with GoogleA Marketing Agency Data Model | Vertabelo Database ModelerMarketing & Advertising Data Model | Business Area Models | ADRM SoftwareBuilding a Strong Marketing Data Strategy – Chief MarketerMarketing Data Strategies | Nordic MorningMarketing Effectiveness: What It Is and 4 Ways to Measure It – LeadspaceThe 16 Marketing KPIs You Should Be MeasuringThe 20 Most Important B2B KPIs According to More Than 50 Businesses | Databox Blog4 Tactics to Measure B2B Advertising Effectivenes…How bad incentives ruin good marketingTo ESOV and beyond | WARCUnderstanding the new attention economy | WARCAttention: How far away is it from becoming the ad industry’s currency? | Analysis | Campaign AsiaMarket Research Society (MRS) | Where Data Insight & Evidence MattersThe Attention CouncilThe worst social media metric (according to Facebook)Which CX KPIs should marketers pay attention to? [UX and CX tracking]

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Content Modelling: A Master Skill – A List ApartContent model | ContentfulElements of a Content Model – Cleve Gibbon Modeling and Headless CMS | ContentstackContent model- Why you need one and how to make y…Product – TypeContent Strategy: The Philosophy of Data – Boxes and ArrowsTinker, Tailor, Content Strategist – A List ApartContent Modeling SeriesTemplatesCreate a Content Compass – A List ApartThought Leadership Impact Study | LinkedIn & Edelman

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You have a way with wordsDeck of BrillianceA simpler way to organize your work – WorkFlowyResearch | Edelman12 Best Infographic Makers for Building an Infographic From ScratchThe 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the DecadeThe Modern Marketing Model (M3) – The modern marketing model (M3)How To Build an Exceptional Newsletter – Find A Way MediaContent Marketing Mission Statement: What You NeedPPC Metrics Tree | Jellyfish SAAd BooksHemingway EditorSocial posts lengthsPricing an Assignment? Begin With the End in Mind | LinkedInPose by Gal ShirMark Pollard – Strategy is your wordsSMART MARKETING – HomeTitle Case Converter – A Smart Title Capitalization ToolCommon Language Marketing DictionaryMarketing metric audit protocol – WikipediaTopics – A List ApartHome – World Federation of AdvertisersEDGES 2021 — BackslashThink Forward 2021 – We Are Social


The agency of the future is The BeatlesThe future of brand and agency relationships – November 2020The Long and the Short of It maps exactly onto the challenges of global marketingSell the Destination, Not the Journey — Ignition Consulting GroupPROPULSION — Ignition Consulting Group

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US brands are not losing their loyal customers – even more misleading metrics | Marketing Science


What Should Ads Look Like in the Time of Recession? | LinkedIn Marketing BlogAll the generic coronavirus ads are a waste of time and budget – Marketing WeekMark Ritson: The best marketers will be upping, not cutting, their budgetsWE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THAT “Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same” VIDEO – BBH LabsSELL TO HELP, NOT TO MOVE PRODUCT: MARKETING IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 – BBH LabsEvery Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same – YouTubeHow to Market in a RecessionCOVID-19 Ads | Ads of the World™COVID accelerates trends, not changeRitson: The opportunity to grow market share is clear, but marketers aren’t taking it. | WARCMark Ritson: Ad industry greats can rescue us from a shambolic Covid comms strategyWhat Should Ads Look Like in the Time of Recession? | LinkedIn Marketing BlogAdvertising in Recession — Long, Short, or Dark? | LinkedIn Marketing BlogCovid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Comms Strategies — APG Good Thinking


How Marketers Can Overcome Short-TermismLes Binet on why long-term marketing matters in the age of short-termism | WARCIs short-termism killing marketing? | LinkedIn


Advertising’s biggest challenge? The Mandy Rice-Davies problem | Thinkbox

Effectiveness, Brand & Creativity

What is a brand and how do you build valueIPA | The Greatest Hits of Binet & FieldAds Don’t Work That Way | Melting AsphaltWhy Good Advertising Works (Even When You Think It Doesn’t) – The AtlanticA campaign that puts the eff in effective | WellmarkThe ten best charts on marketing effectiveness from Binet & FieldKey findings from Kantar Vermeer’s Marketing2020The Slow Death Of Creativity In The Context Of Unseasoned Talent And Data AlgorithmsBBH Labs – R&D Zags for the creative industrySCHRODINGER’S STRAT: THE PLANNING PARADOXES FOR 2020 – BBH LabsWhat Is A Marketing Funnel And Why Should You Care?MOST MARKETING IS BAD BECAUSE IT IGNORES THE MOST BASIC DATA – BBH10 types of challenger brand strategy — The Challenger Project | The Home of Challenger BrandsWhy are brands failing to measure the impact of brand purpose?‘And now a word from our sponsors…’ | WARCThe Ad Contrarian: How Brand Advertising Became Synonymous With BullshitThe top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now: January 27, 2020 | Ad AgeThe Ad Contrarian: Why Online Ads Haven’t Built BrandsTruthiness in marketing: is the evidence behind brand purpose flawed? | The DrumBig brands must not play the startup gameWhy brands need to realign with customers’ expectationsQuantum Marketing | LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsGartner Predicts 2019: In Search of Balance in MarketingMay the force be with you | LinkedInAdvertising best practice, evidence and insights…Three axioms and three questions that summarise a…unDraw – Open source illustrations for any ideaTHE MOST UNFASHIONABLE FORM OF ADVERTISING? | STUFF FROM THE LOFT.www.marketingweek.comYes, that $5.5m Super Bowl ad makes media sense: a top advertiser explains | Digital | Campaign AsiaThe Road To Reality | LinkedInMarketing Effectiveness: What It Is and 4 Ways to…From TV to digital: not reach, but impact should be determining factor – DVJ Insights : DVJ InsightsWhat Drives Advertising Effectiveness? Mark Ritson’s 10 Key Factors | Hubm.soundcloud.comRitson on the 10 traits of a successful marketerIt’s Time to Accept that Marketing and Strategy are One Discipline | by Roger Martin | MediumStrategy vs. Planning: Complements not Substitutes | by Roger Martin | Medium‘Mental models’ are the key to measuring the things that matterOn-brand, off-business | LinkedInPrimed to fail: How cognitive biases undermine your creativity | by Nikola Spadina | Creative Enlightenment | Mediumwww.marketingweek.comEhrenberg-Bass reveals the negative effect an advertising hiatus has on brand growthWhat happens when brands stop advertising? | Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing ScienceAlex Murrell on Twitter: “Since 2010, @ProfByron’s How Brands Grow has become one of marketing’s most influential texts. It concludes with 11 law-like patterns, discovered by analysing data spanning many decades, countries & categories. I’ll summarise the laws, along with a quote, here. 👇 Thread 👇” / TwitterLinkedIn Brand Guidelines | LinkedInIf your distinctive brand assets are exclusively visual it’s time to come to your (other) sensesIPA | IPA Business Growth Conference 2021The brand: the most valuable business tool ever invented – Tom RoachWhy the sales funnel is the cockroach of marketing conceptsThe 95:5 rule is the new 60:40 rule – Marketing WeekByron Sharp, How Brands Grow — Alex Murrell

Customer Segmentation

Millennials are not a marketing segmentMark Ritson: Only crap marketers mistake stereotypes for segments – Marketing WeekEvery Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation – The AtlanticRunning their own race: the problem with demographic generalisations | Wellmark


Top 10 Drivers of Employee Engagement | LinkedInTop 10 Employee Engagement Drivers | Drive Productivity in 2021What is Employer Brand? | TalentLyftEmployer Branding Strategy in 5 Steps [INFOGRAPHIC] | TalentLyft13 Internal Communication Strategy Best PracticesCreate a Growth Culture, Not a Performance-Obsessed

Myth busting

‘Humaning’ and the greatest marketing bullshit of all time – Marketing WeekMondelēz International, Inc. – Announcing Humaning: A New Approach to MarketingHow faces enhance the impact of print ads | WARCMORE ELEPHANT ADVERTISING | Campaign Monitor purpose. The biggest lie the ad industry ever told? – Tom RoachWhy adland must rediscover its commercial purpose – and play its part in the post-pandemic economic recovery | LinkedInAdvertising effectiveness has never been improved by trying to build relationshipsThe errors of efficiency — Alex Murrell


Effectiveness in B2B, online sales, activist teens: 5 killer stats to start your week – Marketing Weekbusiness.linkedin.comThe 5 Principles Of Growth In B2B Marketing | The B2B instituteAn exclusive look at Binet and Field’s new B2B marketing research | The DrumHow Digital Leaders Are Transforming B2B MarketingCapturing the Offline Impact of Online Marketing in B2B6 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B BusinessesCustomer Growth Marketing – eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & StatisticsB2B Marketing Trends | LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsThe B2B InstituteMarketing Strategy – The Top Factors That Slow B2B Purchases : MarketingProfs ArticleThe B2B marketing growth formula – from Mark Ritson, Les Binet and Peter Field | LinkedIn Marketing BlogThe New B2B Buying ProcessWhy B2B marketers need to bet big on ‘The Big Long’www.marketingweek.comwww.marketingweek.comCustomer acquisition is the only viable growth st…Are B2B and B2C marketing really any different? –…‘Mental models’ are the key to measuring the things that matterCustomer acquisition is the only viable growth strategy in B2B, says Ehrenberg-Bass’s RomaniukEhrenberg-Bass: Narrow targeting ‘counter-productive’ to B2B growthWhy B2B marketers need to bet big on ‘The Big Long’How B2B Brands GrowAccount-based madness: The new craze in B2B – Marketing Week

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Tide Super Bowl Commercial 2018 It’s a Tide Ad – YouTubeApple – Think Different [HD] – YouTubeNike: Find Your Greatness — Jogger – YouTubeJ.R. Hartley – Classic Yellow Pages advert – YouTubeGuinness – Surfer (1999, UK) – YouTubeCadbury’s Gorilla Advert Aug 31st 2007 – YouTubeHonda Accord – Cog (2003, UK) – YouTubePlayStation – Double Life (1999, UK) – YouTubeVW Golf Ad – Enjoy the everyday feat Paul Hartnoll music – YouTubeNike “Angry Chicken” Commercial – YouTubeAd Christmas Lottery 2015 | SPAIN #Justino – YouTubeStandard Bank CIB – What’s Your 50-year Dream? – YouTube29 Distinguished Bank Ads to Inspire Your Work9 Best Bank Ads to Learn From – TOP 9 Bank Advertising from Kitcast ExpertsBank of America – The Power to Be Me (2019 Commercial) – YouTubeWealthsimple Super Bowl Ad – Mad World – YouTubeWealthsimple – Take care of yourself (Pugs – Oscars) – YouTubeInvesting for Humans – Wealthsimple – YouTubewww.lbbonline.comThe Most Popular Brand Colours In Each Industry A…

Websites Drum | Marketing, advertising, design and digital newsIPA | Publications & ReportsEhrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing ScienceAdvertising, Marketing, Agency, Tech and Data News | Ad AgeMark Ritson: If you think the sales funnel is dead, you’ve mistaken tactics for strategy – Marketing WeekShare of Search CouncilBetterBriefs – Addressing the commercial impact of poor marketing briefsIPA | 5 key questions to start your marketing effectiveness journeyIPA | Peter Field makes strong case for potential power of brand purpose campaignsIPA | Look out! Advertising’s effectiveness problem is staring us in the faceIPA | Share of Search represents 83% of a brand’s Share of Market on averageTomorrow Half Your Company Is Quitting (So Win Them Back)Salesforce Blog — News, tips, and insights from the global cloud leaderMeasuring Content Performance: For B2B SaaS Marke…Understanding The Relationship Between Creativity and Effectiveness in B2B Marketing [New Research]The 7 Laws of Brand Growth | LinkedInROI is dead: now bury it


ACF | Code ExamplesHTML Cleaner – Word To HTML ConverterWordPress Cheat Sheet For Developers (Quick Reference)Dashicons | WordPress Developer Resources90 essential tools for WordPress web designers and developers – The GarageElegant Themes Members AreaFully Managed WordPress Hosting – WP Pro – – Smart shipping, with multichannel product managementWooCommerce Subscriptions – WordPress Subscription PluginMix and Match: Subscriptions – WooCommerce DocsAll Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions – WooCommerceWooCommerce Composite ProductsProduct Bundles – Approved WooCommerce PluginGift Cards – Approved WooCommerce PluginEco Friendly Packaging Products | GREEN HOMEYoco Payment GatewayShipping Boxes | Product categories | MerrypakAll Shipping BoxesGeneratePress – The perfect foundation for your WordPress website.GenerateBlocks – Build better WordPress sites with GenerateBlocksACF | My AccountHooks Visual Guide – Documentation


Free Design Resources — Free Graphics, Fonts, Templates and More17 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos – BootstrapBay380×280.png (380×280)All free Mockups | MockupWorldGrid Based Web Design Resources100 Best Free Fonts – UltraLinxAdParlor Mockup GeneratorMockup World | The best free Mockups from the WebCollections | Unsplash20 free tools for better typeface pairing – 99designs BlogGUI PSD Templates for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedInNoun Project – Icons for EverythingFree stock photos · PexelsFonts, Graphics, Themes and More ~ Creative MarketFree Seamless Pattern Backgrounds | Patterncooler.comThe Pattern LibraryDownload Google Fonts – – Fonts.comIcons | Font AwesomeThe Pattern LibraryAlways Up-To-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes | Sprout SocialThe Latest Social Media Image Sizes Guide for 2019 | BrandwatchBasic markup test content for typography · GitHubWhat Replaces Timesheets? — Ignition Consulting GroupPaper Sizes | The best resource for International Paper Sizes, Dimensions & FormatsInteractive Typography cheatsheetColorBox by Lyft DesignRightFont App (@RightFontApp) / Twitterhttps://artboard.studioFreebies — Mr.Mockup | Graphic Design FreebiesGraphicBurgerFace Mask Mockup in Apparel Mockups on Yellow Images Object MockupsUntitled Diagram.drawio – draw.ioFlag of South Africa – WikipediaGood Web DesignOpen Peeps, Hand-Drawn Illustration LibraryIonicons: The premium icon pack for Ionic FrameworkFlawless Typography Checklist · TypewolfCAD Blocks free downloadPhotoshop Brushes – (2,510 Free Downloads)


Black History Month Library – Google DriveInteractive Map of Middle-Earthjanedoesanonymous | Jane Doe is more than he ever hoped for.List of cognitive biases – WikipediaWho is Charlie Munger? Wit and Wisdom From The World’s Most Irreverent BillionaireMental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (~100 Models Explained)

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LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Language Guide | Victorian GovernmentThe ABCs of L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ – The New York TimesA Guide to Understanding Gender Identity and Pron…All In – Inclusive Marketing InsightsIt’s Pronounced Metrosexual: Gender, Sexuality, & Social Justice


South Africa Genealogy • FamilySearchumzinto history – Google SearchUmzinto–Donnybrook narrow-gauge railway – Wikipediaumzinto history – Google SearchTwo-foot-gauge railways in South Africa – Wikipedia


Native American Legend : Legend of the Jumping Mo…Storytelling –


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Sharp Edge CRKT Bona Fide Grey Aluminium Handle w…Sharp Edge Victorinox Ranger Wood 55 w/Liner Lock…Sharp Edge Leatherman Skeletool Stainless SteelLEATHERMAN C33TX KNIFE LM8602251N – Blades and Tr…LEATHERMAN JUICE B2 CINNABAR ORANGE PEG LM8323662 OZ PEPPER SPRAY W/FLIP TOP – CLAMSHELL EC60FT-C…Sharp Edge Coast HP7R Focusing Rechargeable LED F…LEATHERMAN FREE K4 GREY LM832666 – Blades and Tri…LEATHERMAN C33-STRAIGHT BLADE/BOX – Blades and Tr…


Employee Retention StrategiesThe Un-Ignorable Link Between Employee Experience…Recruitment MarketingSelling the Brand InsideEmployee Marketing: Definition and the Impact on…Internal Marketing – Conceptual Framework – Manag…10 Best Intranets of 2021Intranet Information Architecture (IA) TrendsA War For Talent Is Starting—Spoiler Alert: Workers Will WinWinning the war for talentWhat HR needs to win the war for talent | HRExecutive.comAttracting and retaining the right talent | McKinseyWar for Talent set to intesify in 2021, here’s why | theHRD(PDF) The War for