2017 is gonna suck too

2017 is gonna suck too

Expect nothing if you give nothing. A number on a calendar is not something that can or will give you hope and success. Blaming 2016 for a bad year was a distraction that ironically helped make 2016 one of the worst years most of us have experienced because we blamed it on a number. 2017 was essentially … Read more

My opinion isn’t yours

Social media has allowed us to practise our freedom of speech, debate others and generally be more involved than we used to be in each others’ lives. But that doesn’t mean you have to. You’re not gonna jump up and disagree with a colleague in a meeting when they something wrong, or have an opinion different … Read more

5 Things Social Media Addiction

I’ve forgotten birthdays, missed out on events and missed the office party pics. But I haven’t missed the hours that have disappeared trawling the web depths. 1. The early signs It’s that you hardly speak at dinner anymore, or that all you can talk about is that post that Rob deleted (but not before you … Read more

A short thought on scale

Build for the scale you imagine. I spent some time in the USA a few times over the last 5 years, and whether Columbia City, Chicago or New York City – it strikes me how scale plays a huge role in how things work in the USA. It seems there is a mentality that supply is equal … Read more