Data can be inspiring

It is important that our data discussions are had with the outcome of creative solutions in mind.

Data is frightening, cold and restricts the creative process, right? Of course not. Data is an enabler that makes our jobs as marketers easier and more challenging simultaneously. Data is a critical insight source, it enables rapid performance optimisation and a programmatic approach to media purchasing.

These days, anyone can do that. With the right tools in place, we can speak to individuals at a mass scale.

But differentiation sill lies in the idea – the use of all of these inputs to formulate a creative execution that speaks to people in way that resonates. Creativity is the differentiator in a world of data led thinking. We can now think in moments and modules, and examine the truth behind our customer’s interactions with brands and topics.

It allows us to break through the clutter with an amazing idea at the right time for the most possible impact.

That’s not frightening, cold or restrictive, that’s inspiring.