Integrated marketing, get there

While we sit at our desks and bitch about the “other” agency, we tell ourselves that we are the solution to every one of our client’s needs.

Integrated marketing does not rely on integrated agencies, it relies on integrating agencies.

What am i going on about?

Well, simply, we can be all we want to be and work as efficiently as we need to for ourselves, but we’re forgetting the most valuable lesson we preach about marketing. Know your audience.

If we’re not setting ourselves up to solve our clients’ needs, we’re doing it wrong. Our clients don’t give a rat’s ass about our process and how amazing it is, they want cool work on time and on budget.

If you want to knock them off their feet try this.

  • Develop a process of working between agencies
  • Develop a common language
  • Develop a way of showing results
  • Develop a way of costing that works for everyone
  • Develop tools and documentation to help

Now try convince your clients to move if all of this is in place. And stop complaining.