My opinion isn’t yours

Social media has allowed us to practise our freedom of speech, debate others and generally be more involved than we used to be in each others’ lives. But that doesn’t mean you have to.

You’re not gonna jump up and disagree with a colleague in a meeting when they something wrong, or have an opinion different to yours, especially when it is not making some sort of critical difference to your life.

Your opinion is your opinion, I have a right to mine.

One should correct blatant incorrectness, such as false facts or news, especially those that can generate anger, hate or prejudice – with respect. It becomes a pain in the ass, when opinions don’t add value, and distract from the intent. After all intent is what’s important, right?

So it begs a question then. Should I even post my opinion anymore? Turn off comments? Do I just get used to the trolls who feel like they are genuinely doing the world a favour by policing the internet comment sections?

The only person I don’t mind commenting on everything I post is my mom.